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Welcome! And thank you so much for visiting my website! Photography has been a significant part of my life for the past 30 years, and yet is a field that continues to hold fresh challenges for me as I explore new locations and embark on outdoor adventures. To me, the most satisfying aspect of photography is balancing the combination of composition and light, and then seeing people's reactions to my photographs. I prefer working outside with natural light and settings, as compared to working in a studio, but will sometimes use fill-flash if the exposure warrants. Mother Nature's beauty never ceases to amaze me, but I also enjoy exploring urban spaces and capturing the complexities and textures of "the man-made landscape" as well.
I am honored to have nearly 40 shots jury-selected into the Worldwide Pentax Photography Website. NatGeo has featured some of my work in their Educational Series pieces aimed at elementary students, and I have sold a number of photos through the National Geographic MyShot site, as well.
In addition to stock sales, I am available for client-specific assignments for commercial, sports, product, architectural, and event photography. I use two local printing/framing shops here in the Athens GA area for many of my prints, and I also have 2 national printing labs that can do giclee prints, direct-to-metal dye infusion printing (really makes vibrant landscapes come alive!), gallery stand-outs, very large panoramic prints, and almost any other printed display media you can imagine.   Most of my clients prefer to use PayPal, as I can immediately forward a proposal, order summary, and invoice to you almost immediately,and you can enjoy the security of using your credit card without having to show the card to anyone.

With so many different possible media types, sizes, framing options, and photo/file parameter sizes, it becomes virtually impossible to display a whole "price list".  My preferred marketing method is to send individual emails to prospective clients, with a simple request to contact me by email if there is an interest. 


If you would like discuss my photos in greater detail, or would like to set an appointment time for me to come to your office or home to discuss your situation, please contact me by email at for more details.   
Thank You for your interest!

My Best Regards, Chris